Wombles collection is famous!

P1050800The wombles got some media attention this month as our local newspaper company’s EDP Norfolk Magazine featured a story on my collection of wombles memorabilia!

Archant publishers’ monthly glossy mag is well known in the region for covering the best local interest stories and showcasing the most interesting characters and interests.

I was privileged to be invited to contribute to this feature on Childhood Collectibles, alongside a Star Wars collector and a Sindy/Barbie doll enthusiast.

Rummaging around in my collection to pick out pieces for the photographer was a real eye-opener, it made me see the collection through new eyes and re-eveluate what I had – I realised it was the 1970s pieces which I’m the most fond of, perhaps the pieces I had or saw when I was a child…?

I’m thrilled with the photographs and the magazine article, and doing this was the catalyst to creating this new website and (deep breath) re-photographing everything in my collection to display it more effectively, to womble-lovers, childhood nostalgics, and memorabilia-collectors alike.

I hope you enjoy the feature, and the new website.

EDP norfolk mag wombles smaller